Amolik came into exitence in 2015 to shape the real estate market and has become one of the fastest and leading real estate companies in Faridabad

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Mr. Hitesh Chaudhary

Mr. Hitesh Chaudhary is a philanthropist and a distinguished professional in the field of construction and real estate. With over 12 years of invaluable experience, Mr. Chaudhary has demonstrated remarkable expertise and leadership in this ever-evolving industry. Throughout his career, he has been at the forefront of numerous landmark developments, successfully delivering both commercial and residential projects that have left a lasting impact on the real estate landscape. Among his notable achievements are the esteemed Amolik Heights, Amolik Residency & Amolik Square, which stand as testaments to his unwavering commitment to excellence. Beyond his impressive accomplishments, what truly sets him apart is his grounded personality and his steadfast belief in perfection, accuracy, and teamwork.

Pradeep Kaul

Pradeep Kaul , Sr. Vice President Projects, is a highly accomplished, detail-oriented and goal-focused Senior Management Professional, holding B.E.(HONS) in Civil Engineering from BITS, Pilani & offering 38+ years of experience in Project Management, Quality Management and Team Management. A keen strategist & planner to deliver high end projects. Exceptional ability in leading large teams to undertake prestigious projects of top end luxurious villas, commercial complexes , Residential complexes, fly-overs, viaduct and bridges, five-star hotel complexes, etc. Possess a long track record of ensuring timely delivery of record number of projects, achieving high standard of Safety implementation, with highest quality, within budget by effectively organizing, managing and utilizing all the available resources.

Mr. Ramneek Sharda

Mr. Ramneek Sharda, as the Associate Director has been overseeing Sales and Marketing of the company & has 15 years of experience in Sales and Customer Experience. Before joining Amolik, he held prominent positions in established Real estate companies of Delhi NCR. He managed successful projects in various segments, including luxury and mid-range residential, commercial, and mixed-use developments. Mr. Sharda’s remit is to assist the Group in brand building, marketing and eventually sales. In addition to this, he has built and managed marketing strategy of the Group and created a network of Channel Partners that are focused on developing novel ways of marketing the projects.

Mr. Arobindo Biswas

Mr. Arobindo Biswas, is an accomplished & seasoned professional with a vast 37 years plus experience in Technical & Commercial. With a B.Tech from IIT, Kharagpur – Biswas has held leadership position of Vice President - Commercial Controller at organisations such as Escorts Ltd. He has an in-depth experience of the industry & has played stellar roles across key departments throughout his real estate career. Importantly, he has driven extremely strong revenues in all organizations where he has worked – through a mix of appropriate project wise strategy & ground level execution. He is now spearheading all the Operations at Amolik since 2020.

Mr. Harbeer Chaudhary

Mr. Harbeer Chaudhary, through his experience and pertinent expertise has been a driving force for many of the Group’s major strategic alliances. Post Graduate by qualification, along with a career spanning over 15 years in the real estate industry, he has been an integral part of the Amolik family over the past decade. A process and technology driven individual, Mr. Harbeer Chaudhary has immense experience in the fields of Land Acquisition, Legal & Business Development. He has played a pivotal role in successfully executing several Amolik projects. Has provided the organisations vast investor base & in turn provided them a seamless experience throughout their journey at Amolik.